WESTBOROUGH, MASS. — July 7, 2014 — Advalent Corp. announced today the availability of Advalent Encounters Plus, a turnkey solution to automate encounter data submission to states, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial entities. Advalent solutions are based on a flexible and scalable cloud-based healthcare IT platform. Configuration options and data mapping provided by Advalent make it easy for healthcare payers to inexpensively manage the Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS/EDS) process from end-to-end. Advalent Encounters Plus, a HIPAA-compliant turnkey system, helps health plans to validate and submit full encounter data that is clean, complete and timely. Federal and state rules are built-in and maintained continually by Advalent to simplify the certification, compliance, and submission of clean claims. “Encounters Plus offers a lot of flexibility without custom programming. It can support one line of business or multiple lines at once, and it is ready to take in different data file formats and map them to the requirements of different receiving entities,” said Sasidhar Parvatham, Founder & CEO of Advalent. “Reporting on Medicare, Medi-Medi and Medicaid members’ claims for multiple states is no problem, for example, and the same platform and dashboard supports our edge server and other administration solutions.”

Submit full encounter data to CMS and state Medicaid programs

Individual and role-based work queues help Medicare Advantage (MAO) health plans and other managed care organizations (MCOs) ensure timely and correct encounter data submission with fewer resources. Advalent makes it convenient to automate accurate claims submission using configurable workflows tied to rules. Following rules and rule sets, exceptions are placed in queues and responsible individual(s) are notified of the pending task. In this manner, rejections can be reviewed, corrected and resubmitted. Healthcare data analytics keep payers aware of the performance of submissions and areas for improvement.

Fast to deploy, turnkey solution

Turnkey deployment simplifies administration with Advalent-managed rule sets and a user dashboard that simplifies custom configuration. The dashboard provides the ability to create custom rules, rule sets and workflows without the need for healthcare IT consultants. Additional mapping rules and rule sets can be configured for data and report delivery to other organizations. “Many healthcare IT solutions require expensive consultants to set up the hardware and software,” Parvatham explained. “We’ve designed our solutions in a way that provides flexibility through configuration options that are preloaded by Advalent and can be easily modified by the user. We’ll handle the data mapping and keep up with changing reporting requirements from CMS and states. You modify default rules and work queues and use the workflows to process your claims. This kind of turnkey standardization can save a lot of money, which is important for both large and small plans.”

About Advalent

Advalent is reinventing the way healthcare technology is acquired, delivered, used and paid for with innovations such as standardization, unification and the universal availability of tools at an affordable cost. Our team of experts has deep payer and provider experience and a full understanding of the technical and business requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) requirements. We are applying our skills and knowledge to make healthcare IT more widely available and affordable. Founded in 2013, Advalent is based in Westborough, Massachusetts. For more information on how Advalent can help your organization achieve its goals, contact us at 508.952.0808 or email us at info@advalent.com 

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