Adaptable, Rules-Based, & Designed to Handle Complexity
Adjudicate even the most advanced value-based products with simple, editable rules that reflect the way you do business
Real-Time & Accurate Adjudication & Payments
Take control of your payment process with reliable and transparent systems

Flexible Payment Scheduling
Pay claims in real-time or schedule daily, weekly, or custom payments.

Automated Refunds and Offsets
Reclaim overpayments on corrections with automated auto-offset recovery. Providers get clear explanations when offsets occur.

Provider Payment Transparency
Via point-in-time adjudication providers know how much reimbursement they’ll receive right away!

Lower Provider Call Volumes
Increased accuracy and transparency drives down call center volume and drives up provider confidence.

Higher Compliance
Speedy processing ensures that your providers are reimbursed as quickly as possible and that you are in compliance with all state and local requirements.