Advalent CliniFlow™
Medical Record Retrieval, Coding and HEDIS Abstraction Platform

Advalent CliniFlow™ allows payers and risk-bearing providers to manage their chart retrieval, coding and HEDIS-Hybrid abstraction in a seamless and integrated manner significantly improving Risk Adjustment and HEDIS operational effectiveness. The platform has several clinical ontologies loaded and it readily applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to automatically point the right clinical terminologies in patient medical records, leading to most accurate and timely medical coding and chart abstraction. In addition, all users – auditors, coders, nurses, team leads and client users – are provided with role-based access enabling them to use a single and unified platform for the entire operations across all lines of business – MA, Commercial and Medicaid.

Advalent CliniFlow™ Features
  • Manage all paper-based and electronic medical record retrieval, medical coding and HEDIS Hybrid abstraction using a unified workflow platform.

  • Leverage accurate provider contacts database which has been developed by deploying several site-scrubbing processes.

  • Role-based access allowing the organization to create and push custom workflows that are specific to user roles – client user, team lead, auditors, coders and HEDIS abstractors.

  • Pre-configured reports and dashboards providing easy access to program status and all the key performance metrics – error rates, retrieval rates etc.

  • Fully CMS-compliant with hundreds of built-in checks and rules to ensure 100% compliance and CMS and NCQA standards.

  • Flexible implementation models – cloud-based or on-premise – depending on client preferences.

  • Enables third-party or client user audits and feedback tracking through an integrated and automated workflow.

  • Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies reducing the manual efforts significantly while improving the overall quality of coding and abstraction.

  • Improve chart-retrieval rates and eliminate coding and abstraction errors

  • Leverage available EMR data by using a common/unified workflow

  • Be 100% compliant to CMS risk adjustment policies

  • Significantly reduce the cost of chart retrieval, coding and abstraction.