Enabling providers to close gaps at the point of care

Advalent’s Provider360™ delivers actionable insights to healthcare providers at the point of care to enable highly effective patient-provider encounters. Shared information
includes past medical history, medication data, claims history, assessment/diagnosis gaps, care/quality gaps and demographic data. Advalent also provides highlights of
various diagnoses, assessment, care/quality gaps and predicted adverse clinical events. PCP and Specialist attribution techniques are applied to attribute gaps and adverse events that are identified for each patient. Individual physician-level insights are then rolled-up to provider-group level and hospital-level by using the provider-affiliation and other relevant data elements (Tax Id, NPI, etc.).

Key Benefits:
  • Deliver comprehensive member evaluations
    Provider360 utilizes pre-populated Subjective Objective Assessment and Planning (SOAP) notes to enable comprehensive, individualized member assessments at the point of care. SOAP notes can be shared either electronically or in paper format via the platform
  • Report closed gaps sooner
    By capturing actionable items in SOAP notes, payers can report closed gaps sooner to meet HEDIS and other compliance measures. SOAP notes are also used to augment claims data.
  • Track provider performance
    Provider-level metrics are normalized, risk-adjusted, and converted to a common scale (across metrics) to facilitate provider-performance analysis by metric dimension such as costs, utilization, quality and care variation. Provider-peer-group comparisons are drawn to identify outliers and pinpoint providers that can address the majority of clinical and financial inefficiencies.