Advanced Contract Management, Accurate Directories
Let providers self-manage their contracts and contact info, eliminating a top frustration

Contract Management

Give providers control of their contracts, with rules based templates that make how and when they’ll be paid completely transparent!

Directory Verification & Validation

Integrate with the top directory validation vendors to ensure that your provider network data is always up-to-date and error free.

Provider Network Monitoring and Optimization

Let providers self-manage their contracts and contact info, eliminating a top frustration

Advanced Provider Profiling

Let’s you move beyond just understanding provider quality to recommendations about how to optimize your network to drive lower cost-of-care while improving quality.

Provider profiling answers questions like:

  • Which high-value providers are serving your population best
  • Who should be targeted for value-based programs
  • Who needs help closing care gaps
  • Who is steering patients to high-cost sites of service
  • and many more…
A Powerful Provider Portal
Empower your providers to drive value with breakthrough tools that offer true insight into cost & quality
Manage Cost

Referral Management
Enable providers to steer their patients towards high-value local referrals

Insight Into Patient Responsibility
Let providers accurately calculate patient financial liability and adjudicate claims at the point of service in real-time

Provider Cost Transparency
Offer payment estimates for complex procedures with value based incentives so providers understand budgets for cases

Claims Management
Enable advanced claims management so that providers can manage cash-flow

Drive Quality & Appropriateness

Provider Facing Population Health
Give providers access to their quality performance scores with tips to improve care

Individual Care Management
Enable providers to be part of your care team with access to patient specific care gaps

Eligibility and Benefit Summaries
Check member eligibility, review benefit summaries, product details

Real-time Utilization Review and Responses
Let providers automate prior-authorization requests and get instant responses