Data Driven Care Coordination
Clearly understand member care gaps and target outreach without having to switch between tools

Integrated Population Health Analytics, Care Management, and Utilization Management
Identify patient care issues and take action in one streamlined interface that pulls together data from all of your systems, lets you coordinate care around a team, and provides for seamless care transitions

Automated, Rules-Based Campaigns
Communicate with any patient group by phone, email, SMS, mobile notifications, or mail with beautiful templates.  Setup rules to automate communications and interventions based on any criteria

Advanced Patient Risk Stratification & Scoring
Use the latest methodologies to evaluate patient risk for any type of value based program

Simple, Automated Quality Reporting

Support contractual and quality outcomes for ACOs, HEDIS®, NQF-endorsed measures and feed results back to your medical management team to drive improvements


Generate and distribute reports and automate submissions to NCQA


Display results as KPI’s so management team can drive improvement!