Advalent Revenue Manager: Manage your administrative and financial risk
Get Complete Visibility into the Cost of Care

New payment models and regulatory requirements create specific IT needs for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Advalent’s Revenue Manager solution delivers a unique, intuitive administrative platform that provides a 360-degree view of the financial health of your business, in addition to supporting care coordination and care management to improve patient health. Unlike other IT solutions for ACOs that are intended for use directly by providers, the Advalent ACO Solution focuses on ACO administration, including managing ACO financial risk and improving patient health with ACO care management.


Upfront Costs Minimization

Advalent Revenue Manager's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model offers standardization, high configurability and reusability that scales to support ACOs of any size while minimizing upfront and ongoing IT costs. As with all Advalent solutions, Advalent Revenue Manager is hosted and managed in the cloud, providing you with significant cost-savings and efficiencies.


Financial Risk Management

Advalent Revenue Manager's cloud-based software combined with payer knowledge expertize, we ensure that health care organizations stay on top of change. Since the system can implement updates quickly, you can confidently take on more opportunities that tie reimbursement to outcomes. Advalent Revenue Manager delivers scalable, intelligent services to keep you thriving.


Insightful Revenue Management

Advalent Revenue Manager provides real-time insight into your financial operations with on-demand reporting, plus meaningful benchmarks based on the performance of other health systems on our network. Advalent Revenue Manager makes decision-making and identification of weak spots easy by providing visibility into detail levels like location, department, specialty and other specific needs.


  1. Easy-to-Understand Dashboard
  2. Benchmark key measures to determine areas of over- and under-utilization
  3. Benchmark performance compared to peer organizations
  4. System allows revenue reporting on multiple views, including line of business, contract, divisions or sub-markets in your network.
  5. Enables you to manage your network structure based on the care needed by the population

Financial Benefits

  1. Supports financial arrangements from pay-for-performance to full capitation, including shared savings and shared risk models
  2. Provides baseline and ongoing performance management against cost & utilization best practices and evidence based medicine
  3. Delivers actionable detail on high-cost and high-utilizing patients, multiple ED visits, out of network leakage, and other inefficiencies

Other Benefits

  1. Analyze your finances and profitability with predictive pricing modules
  2. Drive profitability with performance tracking on multiple levels
  3. Identifies areas for improvement with comparisons of year over-year results
  4. Improve compliance with built-in quality measures
  5. Drive member health improvements