Advalent Population Health Plus
A comprehensive and integrated approach to derive success by information empowerment.

Advalent Population Health Plus is a comprehensive, efficient, effective and seamless decision support system that integrates and aggregates information from multiple health information systems. Advalent’s advanced analytics and rules engine composes a comprehensive patient record. Advalent Population Health identifies and tags patient records into multiple patient registries based on configurable criteria.



Advalent Population Health Plus Solution integrates readily with Practices, Plans, Pharmacies, EMRs and any other delegate entities. Multiple standard and proprietary formats are pre-built into the Population Health Plus Solution.



Advalent Population Health Plus Solution aggregates and provides members a comprehensive 360 view of patient data. Advalent Population Health Plus Solution allows patient records to be tagged with financial and quality risk scores.



Advalent Population Health Plus Solution allows for creation of configurable patient registries and manage them. It accommodates fine tuning of registries, removing false positives, helping in ROI analysis by registry.

Integrate Multiple Systems

  1. Supports Integration with multiple systems
  2. Supports CCD, CCR, HL7, HIPAA and other formats
  3. Integrates data from Practice Management systems, Hospitals, EMRs, Labs and Plans
  4. Integrates data real time or batch mode
  5. Supports seamless integration

Aggregate data into Patient Records

  1. Comprehensive and aggregate patient records
  2. Tagged by risk data
  3. Full Activity History
  4. Actionable Intelligence
  5. Take actions right from Member records
  6. Enroll Patients in Care Management

Manage Patient Registries

  1. Configurable Patient Registries
  2. Track Quality and Financial ROI per each registry
  3. Identify and tune records qualifying for patient registry
  4. Identify records for care management
  5. Enable or disable registry by “LOB”