Advalent Care Integrator: Value Based Care Integration System
Delivering better health at decreased Costs

Advalent Care Integrator is a complete end-to-end service platform for seamless care coordination across the continuum, positioning your organization for greater revenue capabilities. The system streamlines process for orders and referrals ensuring that each patient moves between care settings with the right information, available at the right time, while providers have the ability to schedule across your system.


Nurse Queue for Care Integration

Displays the patient’s risk level, their complete patient synopsis report, potential care opportunities, as well as other analytics, allowing the personal health nurse to quickly tailor conversations with the patient to assist in identifying potential root causes of health issues.


Medical Management Workflow

Advalent Care Integrator helps standardizing and track care-management activities and outcomes. It leverages population health data to support informed care decisions, , focusing on the patient’s care team on activities and interactions that drive better outcomes. Advalent Care Integrator also provides supervisory oversight of productivity, case load and care management impact.


Advalent Secure Care Notifier

Advalent Secure Care Notifier enables secure messaging among all stakeholders: patient, provider and care team, ensuring care is appropriately coordinated.


  1. Prevent re-admissions and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, emergency room visits and length of stay
  2. Identify care opportunities to improve the overall health of the population and help meet national quality guidelines
  3. Encourage patients to implement positive lifestyle behaviors that positively impact health and related costs


  1. Nurse Queue for Care Management
  2. Customized Health Management Plan Support
  3. Transparent Reporting
  4. Evidence-Based Medicine Support
  5. Integrated Solution Suite
  6. Secure Messaging for Care Team Coordination


  1. Optimize length of Stay
  2. Improve Referral Process
  3. Rapid Implementation
  4. Improve Patient Throughput
  5. Maximize Connectivity